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Welcome, from MJM Trading Limited, the proud holding company of Safe Rider range of products. 

We increase the value of your vehicles!

  • Prevent engine damage:

    • Over heating

    • Coolant loss

    • Oil pressure

    • Turbo protection.

  • Effectively control speed, with different options:

    • Speed limiter for all makes of vehicles.

    • Reduced Speed limiting by geographic areas.

    • Rough driving warnings.

  • Operations management:

    • Live monitoring.

    • Customised analytics.

    • Loss prevention, such as fuel theft.

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We design our products for easy installation and it is sold as “do-it-yourself” kits with all the cables and fittings.

We support all our products with a very confident 24 months warranty.

CONTACT: (send us a message and we will call you)

+27 76 297 1576, +27 82 345 1136

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